Read what our existing members have to say about iTradexchange.

“I have been a member of iTrade for 4 years now.

Whether auto repairs, home repairs, eating out, or going to the doctor, I always look to iTrade before anything else. 

I have saved so much money… from emergency breakdowns in my vehicle, and fun stuff like bounce houses, travel, and restaurants.

It is amazing how much you can use your trade dollars for.

I absolutely love it.”

sr enterprise painting denham springs

Stephanie Roane-Berthelot

Owner, SR Enterprise
Member since 2014

I am a long-time participant in trade and cannot say enough wonderful things about it!

Trade is an excellent way to grow your business, for example:

I recently delivered a trade job of a dozen roses to a person that works at the front desk of a car dealership.

While the vase was sitting on the receptionist counter, two people called my shop and ordered flowers from us just by seeing our work.

Those were both cash customers I got from one trade.

fleue de farber florist itradexchange member

Kathy Farber

Owner, Fleur-de-Farber Florist
Member since 2013

iTrade has given me a whole new market for my printing company.

It allows me to produce goods and services for my fellow trade members, who can also refer me to others.

In turn, I can use iTrade in an extensive system of participating members without using my much-needed cash.

Joining a trade organization has been an extremely positive move for my company.

itradexchange five star printing signs logo

Danny Paline

Owner, Five Star Printing
Member since 2014

Since joining iTrade, I have made contacts and friends with other business owners.

I find it easy to network through iTradexchange. I find the outlets for spending iTrade and their website very easy to navigate.

It increased traffic flow at my business by about 5%.

Even though I sold my business, Plantation Car Wash,

I’m still pleased with my decision to join and have maintained my membership.

russell cannino itrade exchange member plantation car wash

Russell Connino

Previous Owner, Plantation Car Wash
Member since 2013

Big Mike’s has been a part of iTradexchange for nearly four years.

We’ve been able to use our iTrade account for many businesses and personal necessities such as electrical, plumbing, accounting services, dental, lawn care, pharmacy things, pet care, advertising, and the list goes on!

Using this system instead of cash has been an enormous benefit for us over the years.

big mikes sports bar grill itradexchange member

Mike & Jocelyn O'Neal

Owners, Big Mike's Sports Bar & Grill
Member since 2014

My first job after starting my business was a trade job.

Although I was being paid in trade dollars by a member, they immediately referred me to their friends and relatives who weren’t iTradexchange members.

Those clients paid me in cash.

Being a member truly helped me jumpstart my business.

servicare turf management itradexchange member denham springs

Billy Simms

Owner, Servicare Turf Management

Joining the iTrade community has been a massive part of my photography studio’s success.

ITrade allows me to purchase virtually anything, allowing me to have more cash flow for investing back into my business.

I would highly recommend joining iTradexchange to any business owner in the Livingston Parish and Central communities.

amy k co photography itradexchange member

Amy Konieczka

Owner, Amy K. & Co.