iTradexchange Barter Exchange Network

iTradexchange has partnered with thousands of businesses to build a strong and effective barter exchange network.

Joining iTradexchange opens you up to hundreds of network possibilities in your area, as well as thousands across the nation.

Members trade products and services — trackable by a currency called Moxey — and keep their profits in their pockets.

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about itradexchange livingston parish barter exchange

What are the benefits of bartering?

Bartering is business networking with the incentive of the barter dollar to direct others in that same network to your business.

It changes the buying habits of those within the network.

Extensive Business Directory

Have your business listed in our extensive business directory

Convenient Mobile App

Manage your trade dollars from your smart device.

We Help Market Your Business

We connect our business members connect.

Drive Business to You

Bartering helps you get business that would otherwise go to your competition.

Why Choose Us

With so many bartering exchanges to choose from, it can be difficult to choose one for your small business.  Here are some reasons to choose iTradexchange:

Locally Operated

We are lucky to have the veteran leadership of Dane Arnold as our Executive Director as well as several founding members who are long time traders. 

Extensive Network

When you partner with iTradexchange, you get access to all of our participating businesses, as well as those in our sister exchanges.

itradexchange livingston parish barter network

Experienced Leadership

Our board consists of small business owners of all kinds and know what it takes for your business to succeed.

Convenient Smartphone App

Remit, accept, and manage your trade dollars when you’re on the go with the Moxey app for your smart device.