Moxey's New Mobile Experience

On the go?

Try the New and Improved Moxey Mobile Experience!

iTrade is happy to announce the new Moxey directory and user experience which is fast, powerful, and full of new features.

Take a few moments today to explore the new site on your mobile device or desktop browser and delete the old application.

Contact the iTrade staff for any questions or for assistance!

itradexchange baton rouge new moxey experience

New Feature Highlights

Keep reading to learn some of the new features in the New Moxey Online Experience.

itradexchange new moxey experience

Accurate & Powerful Search

No more workarounds or excuses. When you search for something, if we offer it, you will find it! It’s fast, simple, and accurate.

Take a look at your business listing. If you would like to update it, please let us know!

I didn’t know that was in the Moxey network?

Use the new share feature on their listing to text or email it to a friend, co-worker, or spouse!

reset my moxey password itradexchange

“Forgot My Password” Reset Feature

That’s right! You are now able to reset your own password. Simply click “Forgot your password” and you will be asked for your username. You will be sent an email with instructions to reset your password.

Contact us to get your username if you don’t know it!

how to store credit card info for cra moxey 1

Store Your Credit Card for CRA

Loading your Cash Reserve Account is now easier than ever! You now have the option to store your credit card when you load your CRA.

Simply click “add payment method to your wallet” and it will store the information for the next time you need to load your CRA!

Quick, simple, and intuitive!

Installation Instructions:

Click the video for instructions on how to add an icon to your home screen on your mobile device for an “app-like” experience.

This is not mandatory, but encouraged!

The website will act and feel like a downloaded application from your app store!

If you need help, call the office for assistance!