Moxey Web App: What is it and Why We Use It

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Do you want to know how Moxey can help your business?

The Moxey Web App is used as a processing vehicle by a network of thousands of business owners who support one another and, most importantly, can buy and sell among each other without spending cash. Instead, they use their very own community currency; Moxey dollars.

The benefits are simple. They each earn new customers that they wouldn’t have had and get to buy things they need without spending their hard-earned cash.

If you’re interested in learning more about the app or how to join our community of trade exchanges today, keep reading! You’ll be glad you did! We look forward to seeing what we can do for your business!

What is Moxey?

With “Moxey,” businesses in Denham Springs, Baton Rouge, and surrounding areas, have a new tool for expansion. But what exactly is it? MOXEY is the accepted currency of our network of trade exchanges, that’s created to assist companies of all sizes.

Members of our Moxey network allow businesses to connect with a broader pool of consumers and resources. The Moxey card, which resembles a traditional credit card, enables members to shop and trade throughout the network.

The Moxey platform has processed over 20 million transactions since its inception. And that number is growing exponentially with the current COVID-19 pandemic, which has likely sped up the process.

According to a study by Square, a financial technology firm, the number of cashless businesses in the United States rose 23% from March 1 to April 23, 2021 — and that’s on the lower end. In Great Britain, there was an increase of 50%, and in Canada, there was a 39% rise.

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How can a digital currency help a business?

Our platform can be used to make transactions through the use of a Moxey card, which is similar to a traditional credit card. Businesses that are members of the local trade exchanges can accept payments from non-cash sources and don’t have to worry about cash flow. This is a big deal in an age where companies are not as willing to accept checks or money orders.

Our Moxey platform can also be used to track transactions and generate reports of spending habits, which helps merchants develop purchasing profiles for customers. This is especially helpful in the age of Big Data, where businesses are looking for more information on consumers’ patterns.

Get credit with Moxey.

Individual trade exchanges that are part of the Moxey network use a screening process to determine whether businesses should be added and, if so, how much credit they are given.

The interest-free line of credit comes with roughly 10% taken out when members spend trade dollars on goods or services from companies within the network of partners.

There’s an incentive for businesses to join our network of trade exchanges. They can also use the platform to sell their excess supplies or inventory, making them money when they would have otherwise lost it in low demand.

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Who uses Moxey? Why should businesses in Baton Rouge start using it?

There are currently around 16 barter exchange networks in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennesee that use Moxey, with the number to grow in 2022.

You can view the members’ directory on Moxey’s website to see who’s using it in your area.

Why do we use Moxey at iTradexchange?

The reason we use Moxey at iTradexchange is simple: We saw a problem. And we knew how to solve it.

There is a genuine need for fast and easy electronic payment facilities for small businesses and retail outlets. In addition, there’s a massive opportunity to introduce cashless benefits to the community.

dane arnold executive director iTradexchange baton rouge
dane arnold executive director iTradexchange baton rouge

“The idea of a local trade exchange like iTradexchange is extremely steeped in simplicity,” says Dane Arnold – Itradexchange CEO. “There’s no such thing as physical money.

With Moxey, we can help member businesses and their customers grow and expand through trade. It’s a new way to think about cash flow, expansion, and investing.”

how does barter exchange network work infographic
how does barter exchange network work infographic

Join Baton Rouge’s Leading Barter Exchange 

Are you a small business owner looking to sell excess inventory?

We’re a barter exchange network that uses the Moxey platform. It allows you to buy and sell your extra supplies or inventory with other local businesses in our network. You can use Moxey as a form of payment for services!  All transactions are done digitally through the Moxey secure platform, so there’s no need for cash.

The best part is that we provide all the tools necessary to make this process easy and hassle-free for you!

If selling your products isn’t enough, we also offer free advertising on our website, email newsletters, and social media channels so more people will know about what you have available! There’s no risk involved either – if someone doesn’t want your product, they can simply return it to you at no cost. This way, everyone wins!

Visit our sign-up page to get started today!


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